Douglas J. Stratton graduated from Osmond High School in 1977, Yale University in 1981 and received his Juris Doctorate from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1984.

Doug, one of the senior partners, has practiced law in the State of Nebraska for twenty-six years. He passed the bar in Nebraska in 1984 and began to practice law with the firm of Domina and Gerrard until 1990. In July of 1990, Doug and John Gerrard began to practice law together until 1995 when John Gerrard became a Supreme Court Justice.

He is a past President and Vice President of the Madison County Bar Association. He is currently a member of the Commission on Public Advocacy and was awarded the George H. Turner award in 2009 from the Nebraska State Bar Association. This award was presented to Doug in recognition of his efforts to further the public understanding of the legal system, the administration of justice, and competence in the legal profession as a result of his efforts in the “Beatrice Six case.” Doug is an experienced litigator in civil and criminal trial work.